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Criminal defense you need – I hired mr. Barber to defend me in a felony case. He helped me understand the process and kept me updated regularly. End result was what i needed. Cant complain he did great.”– Mike

Local government/Education must have – Michael first of is humble, respectful and delivered a true customer service approach. Our family had a school board involved hearing involving a bad decision our child made. Michael took our case on short notice, mind you recommended by the firm I initially hired. He was presented to us as THE BEST around in this area of defence. Truth be told we feel that he is. In addition to that his local ties and network makes him invaluable as an attorney. In our case I believe his preparation with us though it was short, it was on point. That alone was worth the retainer fee. We followed his direction and everything he said was going to happen, did. It was as it was scripted… Why does this matter? It shows the level of experience M. Barber has. If your child ever encounters a school disciplinary issue PLEASE CALL MICHAEL BARBER!”– Eddie

Exceptional In Every Way! – Michael Barber was hands down the best attorney that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Both he and his staff and partners were prompt in getting back to me with any questions or concerns that I had involving my case. He was thorough in collecting evidence to help with my case and was able to handle it in my favor in less than three weeks. I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking for representation and wants someone who they can feel confident that is doing everything in their power to help them with all of their legal needs!”– Chanda

Excellent Representation – If you are looking for someone to represent you that is knowledgable, hard working, professional and also genuinely cares about his clients, then Michael Barber will not disappoint. He handled all my motions, including Early Termination of probation, and got the best result possible each time. My Early Termination motion was granted from a judge that is typically difficult to convince. Mr. Barber works to develop a positive working relationship with the state attorney’s he deals with in order to help his clients get the best result possible. I fully recommend him to anyone needing representation.”– Bryan

The best lawyer! – My family and I will forever be grateful for the amazing job Michael did. He was with us through it all and we loved that he was always able for us. He informed my family and I everything that went on with the case and was always there if we had any questions. Thanks to Michael my family is together and we will always be thankful for that!”– Brenda

Mr Barber. – Mr. Barber was very helpful and professional. He really did a wonderful job. Very informative and answered any and all questions i had. He is a wonderful lawyer. If by any chance I know of anyone that needs a great criminal attorney, I will recommend over and over!!! Very satisfied!!!”– Tracy W.

Best outcome – I was facing a 2nd degree felony charge with 6 months of jail time and having a felony record for the rest of my life. It was a very scary situation to be in, I initially wanted to take the adjudication of guilt so to now have to serve any jail time, after speaking with Michael a few times, he wanted to hold off for a better deal, including trying to plead with the judge. Michael was very effective in negotiating a deal that prevented jail time and adjudication of guilt. I was given probation, have to pay restitution and court fees but the adjudication was withheld, so I will not have to be a convicted felon. He was great about answering questions and communicating with me throughout the whole process which put me at ease. I could not have asked for a better outcome and feel like a weight has been lifted and I am able to move forward.”– A Satisfied Client

Excellent – I recently made a poor decision in life that could have jeopardized all the plans I made for my future. Suddenly I became wrecked with even more stress and anxiety about what was going to happen next and in absolutely no time at all Michael got me into the PTD program. He is honestly worth every penny and if I do end up making a poor decision again( which hopefully I wont) he will be the first person I call. He definitely deserves all the praise in the world and I have already begun recommending him to other people.”– JJ

26 YO DWI Charge – Michaels professional attitude and ability to handle my case was nothing short of excellent. His representation resulted in a dropping of all charges on a case that was weighting heavy on my mind. I can rest easy now Knowing that this matter is resolved. Thank You Michael. God Bless.”– Terry

Absolutely Amazing! – Michael Barber was amazing at getting my traffic ticket completely dropped. I was issued a careless driving ticket and the police wanted to press criminal charges against me, but Michael Barber was able to get my careless driving ticket dropped quickly and easily. If you’re between a rock and a hard place and need someone to help get you out, hire this guy. He was incredibly patient and easy to talk to all while explaining the situation in laymen’s terms.”– A Satisfied Client

Thank You Michael! – Michael Barber is fantastic! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed legal help regarding traffic tickets. I live out of state, and received a ticket while in Florida last month. Today, he was not only able to have my ticket dismissed, but he called very promptly after the hearing to let me know how things went. (Which I very much appreciated, because I’ve been quite nervous about it.) I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better outcome, and I’m not sure that just any other lawyer would have succeeded here. Thank you, Michael, for your help – I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done.”– Bethany

The best of the best – Mr. Barber was such a great and understanding lawyer to work with. He was fast and efficient and was able to lower my 2nd degree felony in a sexual battery case to a misdemeanor battery. Such a blessing to have worked with him.”– Taylor

Confident Attorney – My family hired Counselor Barber on my behalf after Florida decided the best route was to do their best to place a hard working veteran into the system and onto the street. He reviewed my case and decided it was cut and dry and nipped it in the bud. Our meets have been short and sweet and to the point. The one thing I can guarantee is that he seems to be the only attorney around that doesn’t appear to be trying to rip people off for misdemeanor defense. Good results, educated attorney, and the right price. Not much else you could ask for.”– Daniel

“Great guy – Very knowledgeable and very focused got the job done with results that my family and I thought was not achievable good job. Thanks again Mike”– Rod

Phenomenal – Mr. Barber was very understanding and attentive to all my concerns. Mr. Barber provided excellent feedback and legal advice. Always took my calls and if not available , he would return my calls or emails at a reasonable time. Always kept me updated on any new information regarding my case. As a result I was very please and grateful with Mr. Barber’s representation: My case was dismissed. With Mr. Barber’s enormous knowledge of the law and excellent background experience, I would highly recommend Attorney Barber to anybody in need of excellent representation with any type of criminal case.”– Elliot

Very reliable – Had a strong case for being acused of something that wasnt true Ended up having childeren taken away from me case was sapose to be open for over 6 months or more! After i had a talk with mr. Barber n his assistence he did his job very well done and made it possible all my charges were dropped a week after meeting with him and childeren returned home with no strings attached Everything happened in 1 week!! And before my first court date wow! Was very impressing and i thank him for helping me through it defintly recomended”– Vanessa

Outstanding Attorney – We hired Michael Barber to represent our son in a traffic violation incident. We were impressed with Mr. Barber and his co-workers from the beginning and throughout the case. He not only was able to have the charges reduced, he was able to get one charge completely dropped. He was quick to reply to email questions and kept us abreast of all proceedings. A few days after the final judgment, I emailed Mr. Barber with a request for a copy of certain records. He immediately notified his assistant and within 20 minutes, the records were emailed to me. Very impressive! We would highly recommend Mr. Barber.”– A Satisfied Client

Professional and hard working – I came to Michael facing a dui and a possession under 20 gs of cannabis And facing fines up to 1000$. He was very professional and always on top of things and any questions that I may have had. He managed to have my cannabis charged dropped and my dui lowered to a reckless driving. I couldn’t be more pleaseed with his work.”– Brent

Thank You – Barber helped me through a difficult situation with the best of his ability. Got my case dropped down significantly and kept me informed the whole time. I highly recommend Michael Barber.”– Eric

“Attorney Barber really did everything in his power to help me in my case. We didn’t know if we could win but we were successful and finally able to close it out. Whenever any changes would happen he and Alicia communicated right away. I would recommend him over and over again if you are looking and unsure of where to go he will fight for you. Thank you so much Mr.Barber it was a pleasure to have worked with you and I know I can count on you.”– Denise G.

“Attorney Michael Barber and legal assistant Alicia handled a legal situation with the most care and professionalism. His legal advice resulted in the best possible outcome and we highly recommend this firm.”– Puerto R.

“Mr. Barber hands down is the best attorney when it comes to Criminal & Traffic Court . Mr. barber isn’t like any other attorney he tells you the way it is and fights for you unconditionally. My husband is a repeated Client of Mr. Barber he has yet to Loose any case we present to him . He’s the definition of a lawyer who goes over and beyond for his clients it’s not just about money with him . He takes the time to explain every detail that goes on with your case , he answers every call and is so hands on with his clients . Mr. barber since 2015 has been the best lawyer in east Orlando there isn’t a case he hasn’t beat or gotten dismissed . If you want to be respected and represented to the highest this lawyer is the go to man . Mr. barber you have saved my family from heartbreak and worry since 2015. U rock man keep doing what you are doing, your definitely the go to lawyer in Orlando FL, area. He will forever be my go to . I can’t tell you how grateful I am you amaze me every time I make that phone call .”– The Serenity Firm LLC

“Attorney Mike Barber and his team are truly an incredible talent. Our family will be forever grateful for all the hard work helping our family through this difficult time. Mike and his team are extremely responsive. They explain everything properly and ease ones concerns. I do not believe any other attorney in Central Florida could have accomplished what Mike and his team did for our family. No one likes to be in such a predicament, but, if it ever happens to anyone, I would 100% recommend you to contact Mike and his team, they will essentially perform miracles on your behalf. Thank you so much Mike and team for all your help and your incredible results. We will forever be grateful to you.”– Pete

“What a great experience from the beginning. I talked to Alicia at first and she was extremely helpful, answered questions that she could and was very quick to respond back to me. Once I talked to Micheal, I knew my choice to speak with him was the best decision. He is very knowledgeable and helpful, talked me into being patient instead of going full throttle right away. I’m glad I listened to his advice because it was exactly what needed to be done. The process throughout my case and dealing with Mr. Barber was smooth and very calming. I will absolutely recommend Micheal Barber, his staff and his office to anyone. Thank you for your help with everything!”– Brian B.

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