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Being arrested or charged with a crime in Florida can be overwhelming. The state takes its criminal laws very seriously, and prosecutors are pushed to secure positive conviction rates. This encouragement can sometimes lead to prosecutors being more interested in securing a conviction than finding out the truth.This is why it is important that any person being investigated or charged with a criminal offense should contact a criminal defense attorney at once. The facts presented in the police report do not always portray the complete truth. When this is the case, you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who will personally listen to you and fight for you.

At the Law Office of Michael D. Barber, we understand how overwhelming the complexities of a criminal trial can seem. This is why we provide personalized, attentive legal guidance and representation to our clients.

From the moment a criminal investigation begins, time starts to run against a defendant as the prosecutors will immediately get to work. Having someone working on your behalf at the same time will be vital for a successful outcome in your case.

If you suspect a criminal investigation is being launched against you or if you have been charged with a crime, contact Florida criminal defense attorney, Michael D. Barber, today. Call (407) 890-8472 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Central Florida

Criminal trials are very serious affairs. No matter how you look at them, they can be very dangerous to the freedom, reputation and peace of mind of anybody accused or charged with an offense.

Criminal allegations can be very disruptive and they can alienate friends, family, colleagues and members of your social circles. This can be especially difficult to take when the allegations are false, incorrect or simply different from what people seem to believe.

The consequences of a criminal conviction in Florida can also be devastating. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, a person convicted in Florida may be punished with significant jail or prison time, probation, community control (house arrest), fines, or even forced to sign up in an offender register. Even worse, the effects of a criminal conviction linger for long after the penalties for the offense have been completed.

A person with a criminal history may find it very difficult to get back to their life and livelihood. Many find it hard to get good-paying jobs, education, housing, loans, or join professional organizations.

Attorney Michael D. Barber understands the devastating effects of a criminal conviction, and is prepared to provide you with the vigorous defense that you deserve. Simply put, at the foundation of our criminal law practice is the understanding that there are always two sides to every story. You deserve to have your own side of the story heard, and to have an attorney that will fight to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Our criminal law practice is devoted to providing legal guidance and representation to people from all over Central Florida. Some of the criminal law cases we handle include:

If you have been charged with any of these offenses, you should get in touch with our experienced criminal defense attorney for help. Success in these criminal cases depends on hiring criminal law attorneys who understand the law and knows what defenses to present on your behalf to get the case dismissed, charges reduced, or minimize the terms of your sentence.

When Should You Contact A Florida Criminal Defense Attorney?

You should call the Law Office of Michael D. Barber immediately after you learn that you are being investigated for an offense or are charged with a crime. While this answer may seem obvious, the truth is many people initially react to criminal charges with disbelief or denial. These reactions are very natural but the truth is that any delay in contacting a criminal defense attorney can have a detrimental effect on your case. The earlier you can get an experienced criminal defense attorney involved, the better.

Even from the very beginning of a case, prosecutors and law enforcement officers are already planning their trial strategies and perfecting their case against you. They will be collecting evidence, speaking to witnesses, and building a case they are reasonably certain will result in a conviction.

As a result, you simply cannot afford to delay before consulting with and hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney to fight on your behalf. Having an attorney on your side increases the chances they will be able to build a solid defense to the charges against you. Their guidance and presence early in the case can be a key factor in ensuring you do not incriminate yourself with unnecessary or inadvertent mistakes.

With an experienced attorney by your side from the start, it becomes easier to help enforce your constitutional rights, such as remaining silent and refraining from incriminating yourself. Sometimes, individuals feel prosecutors or police officers will understand that “this is all just a big mix-up” and try to explain their side of the story. But the reality is often very different. A person may say things that do not help their case at all in trying to do this, and may even provide the evidence prosecutors need to secure conviction.

The rights and constitutional protections afforded to persons charged with an offense exist for a reason – they are there to protect you. But it is only with the guidance of a dedicated criminal defense attorney that you can take full advantage these rights and implement them in your favor.

How Will An Attorney Help?

From the moment you contact the Law Office of Michael D. Barber, we will be working to understand your side of the story and preparing the best defenses to present on your behalf. Often, this will involve visiting speaking with witnesses and gathering evidence that proves your version of the events.

As a former prosecutor who is Rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating for ethical standards and professional ability, Attorney Michael D. Barber knows the tactics prosecutors use and can help counter them on your behalf. He will be working to help you develop the best possible defenses in order to secure the best outcome for your criminal case.

There are several defenses that can be asserted on your behalf. Some of these are as follows:

Our goal will be to either get the charges dismissed, work to get the charges reduced, obtain the best possible plea terms, or fight the charges on your behalf in trial to secure acquittal. Whether you want to negotiate the best possible plea deal or defend yourself in trial, you can be certain that you will receive 100% personal, committed legal representation from attorney Michael D. Barber.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Florida, you have no time to waste. Get on the phone and call Attorney Michael D. Barber immediately. We offer a free initial consultation so you can tell your side of the story without any obligation to hire.

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